Shed some pounds with Herbalife $HLF $SRPT

$HLF – Carl Icahn certainly made his opinion on $HLF well known today, expressing that he continues to bullish on the company and feels that it is very undervalued. $HLF has been on quite the run over the past week, posting 11% gains. With a PEG < 1, P/E < 15, and PFCF > 15, Herbalife is fundamentally strong. We are currently holding the Jul26w 50C with a tight stop 10% below, expecting a near term breakout prior to earnings. The $HLF chart looks prime for a run. Over LT resistance of 53.35, $HLF could see $60 in a hurry.


$SRPT – A solid biotech with a healthy chart. We have been bullish on $SRPT for a few weeks now and it continues to inch slowly higher. This WILL need volume/news to break strong LT and ST resistance at $45. If $SRPT wins the battle with $GSK to put the first Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy drug on the market, expect a huge POP.

Disclosure: We are holding the Aug17 40C.


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