Who doesn’t use Netflix? $NFLX $SRPT with Bonus Idea

$NFLX – With news of multiyear CBS extension, strong fundamentals, and multiple bullish technical indicators, NFLX triggered a buy today for FloodCityTrades. Currently sitting at atop a strong pivot, this stock looks ready to run over $240 NT and may test new highs. Held @ 20% profit for further move.
$SRPT – A 7/8/13 watch list play, $SRPT continued to confirm breakout today with decent volume and rose above a weak market posting 4.62% gains with an additional AH push of 1.011% to $42.93. $45 is a gimmie at this point, and if it breaks $45 with volume, expect to see $50 quickly. Long entry recommended. We’re holding the Aug40C.
***Bonus Idea***
$SCTY – A recent FloodCityTrades acquistion sold for 30% profits before dip came back with a vengeance today. Flying over the rest of the Solar sector, SCTY posted 7.60% gains  with an additional 0.41% AH gain. At this point, wouldn’t be surprised to see SCTY test all time highs in the near term. Considering re-entry on the long side.

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