Unusual Options Activity

Here at FloodCityTrades, we make it a point to keep track of unusual options activity, especially that which hints to heavy insider influence. Below are a few options to keep an eye on, as we all know big money moves the market.

$CSCO: Jan15′ 15Put: 185,000% increase in vol. OI @ 25,301
$WMB: Aug13′ 30Put: 50,000% increase in vol. OI @ 974
$WFC (hot sector): Sep13′ 45Call: 45,766.70% increase in vol. OI @ 115
$CHK: Aug13′ 20Call: 34,791% increase in vol. OI @ 1,940
$SPY: Sep13′ 177Call: 33,900% increase in col. OI @ 24,506

As always, unusual volume does not always correlate with an upcoming move. However, these are certainly some options plays to keep an eye on.


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