7/8/13 Weekly Watch List @nathanalanley $SRPT $DFS $EOG

Lots of potential plays this upcoming week.

$SRPT: Biotech wedge b/o watch. SRPT had a strong day on Friday, breaking the upper bolly on low volume. +MACD Cross combined with a bullish CCI/RSI. If volume begins to roll in, we could see +10% gains rather quickly. Near term target 50$ with LT overhead resistance at $45. Consider entering on the long side above $41.25 with average or above volume.

$DFS: Discover Financial faring well in a strong sector. Room to run overhead combined with strong TA. Beautiful bullish green candle with volume on Friday. Considered a strong entry on the long side.

$EOG – Last but not least is EOG, a great play in the Oil Services Industry. Have had this on watch for quite a while now. Trend channel finally broken to the upside but with below avg volume. Prior resistance at at 138 could now become a base for breakout. Watching for volume to confirm as the TA fits with a looming run to $145-147 area.


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